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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Showcase, Imperial Knight from House Taranis.

So there we go, My favourite model to paint is done. Lots of lovely smooth panels. Using lots of techniques like preshading I painted this guy in 5 days. likely about 30 hours work in total. He's destined for eBay to fund the next project but if anyone is interested before he hits the auctions drop me a line here. More photos to follow. If anything that is my weakness. My photos really don't do the models I paint justice.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Imperial Knight, House Taranis. Work in Progress.

So the Tau project is done and on its way to the customer. It was a fun project but I prefer to paint BIG stuff.
So next up its an Imperial Knight. With the release of codex Skitarii I wanted to paint something that would be in keeping. Imperial Knight Titan? Yes Please. I didn't however want to go the route many others do with the yellow and black markings. So a flick though the Knights codex and then the companion book and I thought House Taranis fit the bill.

Mostly red with some white and black panels and some cool transfers afterwards I think this can look really nice.

So far I've subassmenbled the whole model and begun work on the armour plates. Im enjoying this model very much and so far its been wonderful to paint.
Here is some