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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Starting with Convergence of Cyriss. Alternative Paints Scheme. Warmachine.

Recently I contacted the fine fellows at Dice Bag Games here on the island. Wanting to get back into wargaming and really putting some feelers out to see which games were played the most and where would be a good place to start. Warmachine is apparently where its at although 40k is dabbled in as well as a few other games. I went with Warmachine / Hordes and then spoke with Ben, he was extremely helpful and got me started with helping me choose an army from my initial few choices and I got it down to either Searforge or Convergence of Cyriss (CoC) from here on in. For me hands down the best looking models were from the CoC range. I know many choose an army on abilities and play style but for me its all about the aesthetic. I enjoy painting what I like the look of. CoC I liked the most. The steampunk clockwork thing I enjoy and I couldn't wait to get home with my purchases.
I started with the Battlegroup box and a few other models that were recommended. All excited I got home. Cracked open the box and my jaw dropped. Having built mainly GW models besides a few Khador warjacks I was really disappointed with the poor quality of the models, Its wasn't just flash, but miscasts that were misaligned. I very nearly chucked in the towel and took the whole lot back. But the show must go on, so I cracked open a couple of the clams I had bought. The Corollary as pictured above, A box of the Optifex Directive, some Servitors and a Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex. Faith was restored this were a mix of plastic/resin and white metal and were very well produced. No issue with the build quality at all and really a pleasure to put together. Really great. So great that I didn't bother painting anything from the box set and went straight to the Corollary.
My advice if your picking up this faction, either inspect the contents of the Battlebox before you leave the shop or avoid it entirely and choose a different way to start your army. The separate items all look great. Since the initial purchase I bought another Heavy Vector, a light Vector and another A.D.O. All 3 look great.
I have started to paint the battle box now and I'm just putting up with the faults of the boxes models. Im very much resigned to thinking these won't be the backbone of my army for too long and once my collection expands won't see much play. No matter how good they perform, they look awful and I don't like that.
If you are lucky enough to get a nice quality Battlebox then I suggest you have plenty of paperclips and a drill. These models really benefit from pinning. Even magnets helped and please don't swear too much whilst putting together Master Sytherion. He may look like a Swiss army pen knife but he's a complete pain to put together. good quality superglue and green stuff helped me a lot with him.
PP put together a build guide as there are no instructions in the box. It was a must for me.
heres the link.
CoC build Instructions
My dear mother was also very kind and has helped me out finically. It enabled me to buy some models to paint for profit and also get a new airbrush and compressor. I would have loved another Harder & Steenbeck but they are just too pricey here in Canada when you add in shipping. so I went the Iwata route. Im still waiting on the compressor but when it arrives I have a Riptide and Wraithknight to put together and paint.
Cant wait.