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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Airbrushing Eldar, Iyanden Wave Serpent Showcase.

Heres another few pictures from my airbrushed Iyanden project, this time 3 Serpents. They were painted in exactly the same way as my Crimson hunter but I have yet to do the Canopy frames. These were really a joy to build and paint. Whilst we can all agree Games Workshops newer kits are really great and well put together theres something to be said for the simplistic nature of these older Eldar skimmers. I bought all 3 at the same time and "batch painted" them together in sub assemblies.

Again as with the Crimson Hunter these guys were mostly exclusively painted using my airbrush.

The paints I've used for this project are all from the Minitaire range by Badger. I really like these paints and they have some really vivid colours in their range that are just right for war gamers. The main colour used for my Iyanden is a colour called Craven. Its a lovely yellow and I think it gives the Iyanden colour scheme a more real appearance than the very vivid and bright yellow Games Workshop used in their army.

Heres some work in progress shots to show how I painted the yellow.

1. The Wave Serpents were primed in grey Vallejo airbrush primer, they were then pre shaded using  Minitaire "Red Clay"

2. The higher areas of the Wave Serpents were airbrushed with a white colour from the same range called "Snow White"

3. Finally they were painted with light, thin coats of "Craven". You can see where the "Red Clay" pre-shade and "Snow White" pre highlights are still visible and blended though the yellow.

4. After using lots of masking tape, airbrush templates and blu-tac to mask off other areas to paint the blues weapons and gems here is a pic of my 3 Serpents in their display cabinet. All in all I think these guys took about 4 hours from starting to build to ending up here. I think for a table top standard paint job they look great.

Next post I will feature my Wraith Knight.