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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Airbrushed Tau Riptide, Magnetised Weapons Options, Farsight Paint Scheme

Here is a few photos of a Tau Riptide I have been painting as a fun "for sale" project. Its magnetised as should be expected when you pay for a model like this and it was fun to do.
I used my new airbrush for most of the painting but also used a gloss varnish to allow me to use oil paints for the wash / colour filter. Afterwards the whole model was sealed using a flat coat varnish. Its not heavily weathered but there are a few battle damage chips here and there and the grime from the oils helps give it a used look.
I wasn't sure which head option to go with so used magnets here too to make the head interchangeable. It will allow the buyer to chose a head to suit their tastes too, and makes it posable :). A few alterations here and there but other than minor tweaks the model is stock and I used just about everything on the sprues. The model will be going on ebay in the next couple of days but if your interested and want to beat the bidding then email me on

Next project is an Eldar Wraithknight, I plan on doing another Iyanden scheme but if anyone would like to commission me to paint it in any way they choose then feel free to drop me an emailI have the model already so a 50% deposit would be required and the rest due upon completion. Im figuring all things given a 2-3 week completion is reasonable. But if a person needed it sooner its doable. Again feel free to either leave a comment or mail me at