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Friday, 27 December 2013

A new year and a new project for 2014. Pre-Heresy Blood Angels

 So its soon to be the end of 2013, and for me that means the start of a new project. I was heavily leaning towards Iron Hands, but as much as I love that chapter somethings always niggled me about them and the rather uninteresting colour scheme. I went and set up a poll on BoLs with both the Death Guard and World Eaters included to see what the community there would like to see me paint this year. Blood Angels got nearly 50% of the vote. Im not disappointed.

I did back in 2010 have a go at a Blood Angels army, well Knights of the Blood to be specific and whilst I enjoyed it I really wanted to do a founding chapter this coming year. Below are some pics from back then and I hope i can improve on the painting from 4 years ago. Also I'm going to attempt to make this a pre-heresy model army so all Forge World stuff. Also no airbrush this time round. As much as I love it I think its time to "brush up" (sorry) on my actual painting skills. I have a trial model on the table ready to go which I will start tomorrow. I will post this both there and on BoLs to gauge some reaction to see if I'm in the right ball park so to speak.

Happy New Year Guys and I hope you all had a great Christmas too.

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