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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Airbrushing Eldar, Iyanden Wraithknight Showcase

Here is the Wraithknight from my Iyanden collection, painted using the exact same scheme as the rest of the army. I did deviate slightly with the addition of green gems on the shield arm. Im not sure if I like that or not but I felt they would pop against the black and complement the purple on the shield more than red gems would have. All the blue areas of the model were painted separatly and you can see a w.i.p picture of that in the title picture of this blog. Whilst the blues and the extreme highlights I gave them are not very realistic I really liked the effect. This model was completed last year. I do plan on adding a second to my army in the near future and I am planning on doing a progress log on here.

I know many of you players will notice I have given the Knight 2 of the Scatter Lasers. Any player will tell you that a Monstrous Creature such as this can actually only fire 2 weapons per turn, so with the addition of the sun cannon it does make 1 of the Scatter Lasers a waste of points. I don't actually use 2 on this guy but for the sake of symmetry and maybe a little OCD I felt the model looked better with 2.

If anyone has yet to buy one of these, I can tell you it was a lot of fun to build and paint, but please even if you plan to paint by hand don't completely build it before painting. I can imagine for many painters it could be a real nightmare of a job to paint fully assembled.

Group shot of all the Eldar boys so far, You will notice that despite saying in my earlier posts about sticking to a paint "recipe" I did deviate with my Jetbikes. These were painted in Saim Hann scheme as I felt that reds suited the models better. Plus it gives me an excuse to start that craft world too.

Next up it will be my Wraithguard