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Monday, 3 March 2014

Imperial Knight, putting it together.

So the Imperial Knights have arrived, I've spent the last few hours putting my 1st one together. It's a great kit, buts it's absolutely worth taking your time with it. Don't even attempt to try and skip though the instructions.
I've put the "Skeleton" together and left all the armour plates off. As I've mentioned before with airbrushing sub assembling models is a must and this kit even for so, even if I were to hand paint this model I still would build it this way. For those of you who plan to hand paint the model, I would maybe look at getting some coloured primer from the likes of Army Painter. They do a silver which after washing would be perfect. It would need a few washes to darken it down to your tastes but that's easy enough. Hand painting whilst easy enough would take some time.

It's worth noting GW have posted some videos on their website that contain tips on the construction and painting of the Knights.

Anyway I'm building the Errant version of the kit and I have some new stencils I would like to try when it comes to painting, I have 3 "themes" I am mulling over at the moment.
A sort of Hotrod flame paint scheme, a Dragon scaled scheme and a Skull themed one.
Not sure which to try 1st but likely the flames 1st.

Until next time

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