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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tau Commission, Objective marker. w.i.p.

Ive been commissioned to paint a Tau commander in some specific colours. Ive been waiting too long for this to come into the shop, but in the meantime I thought I would have stab at the colours the customer wants. I had this Tau Tower lying around for years and thought it would make a great objective marker. Here is a w.i.p shot of the yellow the client wanted. Preshaded with purple. The main body of the model will be very dark blue so I thought Purple was the ideal colour to pre shade the yellow. Of course this will be given to the client as an extra bonus for his patience. A freebie :)

Biel-Tan Wraith Guard

Ive been waiting on some models to arrive for commissions. Not one to be kept idle for too long I decided to paint up some Wraithguard. Ive not painted this craft world before and this was just an excuse to try some pearl effect paint. The usual paint scheme is white and dark green. I went for a more "real" natural green and then used the pearl white on the head and back vanes. The clothe I kept an off white to be more natural. Its not a traditional paint job.....but I think it turned out well.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ulthwe Wraithknight Showcase

Some better pictures of the finished model, just waiting on a Tau commander and he will be next. Whilst I've been waiting I have been experimenting with some Alpha Legion models. Its a fun paint scheme and I will share with you my interpretation.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight. Completed.

So its done. Im at the stage now where if I do anymore I could do too much. Im really pleased with how he turned out and I will be adding more pictures when I put him up for auction. My wife is far better with a camera than I am and I'm sure she will do him more justice than I can. But there we go 10 days from start to finish or there abouts. I would say about 25 hours of time went into him. Loved the time I spent.  The main transfer were yellow so I painted over the transfer in black to match the scheme. Im not the best free hand artist but it turned out pretty good. He has had a flat coat of varnish with a gloss over the gems. Feel free to drop me a message if your interested in purchasing him but if not he will be going up for auction in a few days.

up next is a Tau Commander commission with a really cool paint scheme that has some lovely spot colours that will make it really pop on the table. Im just waiting for the model to be delivered and its full steam ahead with that project. Really looking forward to it.



Thursday, 12 March 2015

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight w.i.p. update

Just little update. The models coming along nicely and I have enjoyed building and painting it. Mostly a pleasure with a few fraught moments. The helmet was contaminated with some very minor over spray and the OCD kicked in and instead of leaving it.....I started again with it. In the above pics you can see I have redone the visor and once the varnish has dried properly on it I will mask it off and redo the bone work on the rest of the helm.
As you can see the weaponry is all interchangable  and nearly done. I have some gold painting to do on the swords handle, the shield and some of the joints as well as the trim around the centre gem on the chest. after that he will get some transfers and then a flat coat of varnish all over followed by gloss for the gems. He is supposed to be going on eBay but I'm tempted to keep this one.

Urban Scenic Base for upcoming commission.

Just a quick post today, I have been commissioned to paint a Tau Commander and part of the clients requirements were for an urban style base. Im really pleased with how its turned out. I used my airbrush, weathering powders, paperclips, cork sheeting ands ome static grass. The trim just needs repainting and I'm going to get some liquid effects for the "leaking" pipe around the back of the base. The pin coming out of the top is actually for attaching the model once its done to the base

Monday, 9 March 2015

Riptide on eBay and commissions.

Riptide On eBay
The Riptide I finished up last week is now on eBay if anyone is interested in trying their hand at a bargain. If you interested in commissioning your own Riptide or any other model then feel free to drop me msg here on the blog.

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight

So Im now onto painting this bad boy and here are some wip shots. I really need to be adventurous and try to repose the next one but Im really happy how this guy is going. The arms are how ever fully posable as is the head. I didn't want to go with a jet black colour so I went with "Coal" black instead and it was then highlighted with German grey. It will be darkened down a bit with the oil wash when it goes on but so far so good. The armour plates are bone to white and I really like the contrast with the dark body. I was going to do purple as my spot colour but went with blue instead. The cover photo on the Eldar codex convinced me this was the way to go.  I will introduce some gold to the model, namely the sword hilt and the shield are brace.

This model has also convinced me to rethink my dropping 40k as a gaming system. Whilst I'm sure Warmachine is a great game, the miniatures to me are just inferior build quality. Maybe I hit a couple bad ones but I really have been put off the game by the models poor sculpts. I will likely paint up the rest of the stuff I bought and sell it. I just loved painting this Wraith knight so much it really makes me want to start another Wraith Themed army. Funds are low so

it will be a slow project, but one I can really take my time with and paint models I really know I enjoy.
I will use the Iyanden codex but I've been thinking for my own army a Yme-Loc colour scheme could look really nice. with warm oranges, cold greys and blue accent colours I think it could look great.

Friday, 6 March 2015

How to Magnetise an Eldar Wraithknight, or how I got on.

 I followed Nicks tutorial pretty much as he suggested and I am very happy with the results, I magantised all the weapon options as well as the various pods to match the two different cannons.
One thing I have learnt for myself is how to match up your guide pins to the holes your going to drill on the corresponding piece. In the above shots you can see I have done as Nick did and added two pins to help hold the torso in place. I was worried however that the holes in the bottom of the torso might not match up with the pins. Solution was to blog a dot of PVA or white glue on the heads of the pins, place the torso on the pins and your left with two spots telling you where you need to drill, paint could work too but the PVA is what I prefer.

 Making sure your polarities are correct is also a must, I use a big stack of magnets like this to make sure both ends are the right way round.

Its all pretty much ready to be painted, I need to do a little drilling in the arms next to the magnets for the various positions but thats literally 5 minutes work at most. I like to airbrush big projects like this and above you can see its all ready to go. Various pieces mounted on cork to make things easier and to prevent cross contamination of colour (over spray).
I am 65% sure its going to be a Black, Bone and Purple colour scheme, so if there are any differing opinions please say now as I plan to start painting in the next day or two.
Once again I have to say thanks to Nick, his tutorial really was excellent and very easy to use. But then its not my 1st use of Nicks conversion ideas. The Cannons on my Eldar Jetbikes was another. I knew I was onto a winner.
IDICBeer The Wonders of Warhammer 40K Heres the link to his channel, well worth a look.