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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Putting it all together.

Taking a little break from the airbrush tutorials. Next one will be up within a day or two at the latest. But right now I wanted to share a picture of a Riptide I painted earlier this year. As a gaming piece I think you would agree it's not bad right ? Sure it's not a going to win a Golden Daemon but as a playing piece I think it's nice.
If you follow my forthcoming tutorials you can achieve the same level of painting quite easily with your own projects.

When painting this model I used various techniques including,

Zenithal Highlights
Pigments / Weathering powders
Oil Washes

There is no technique used on this model that the majority of painters couldn't do. It's just bringing a number of techniques together, having the right materials and tools and a little bit of patience.

As I promised a little while ago, I will be showing hobbyists how to airbrush and paint various space marine chapters. Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Imperial Fists will each get a turn. If any of you guys have a chapter or paint scheme you would like me to have a stab at then you can post your request below or you can find me lurking around the BoLs forums.