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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Painting Space Hulk 2014, Imperial Fist trail model and Super Dungeon Explore Druid

 Heres a couple shots of an Imperial Fist Space Marine, I know yellow vexes some painters but I just really enjoy painting yellow. My previous yellow models were my Iyanden Eldar and they were airbrushed. This guy was done by hand.  I do just love painting yellow. If I were to start a 40 k army, it would likely be in this colour. For me it just pops on the table.
Im currently doing examples of models in different paint schemes, these will be available as examples for prospective customers who want an idea of what my painting is like and would like to commission me to paint them anything from one model to an army. This is a hand painted example, I will be doing airbrushed examples too. This is table top standard. Basing will be included and on request to match anything you may have already

 I also started the Terminators from the 2014 re-release Space hulk box set, looking at the pictures I just have to sort out my lighting. Living on Vancouver Island in a wooden house surrounded by trees is lovely, but it plays havoc with lighting. Daylight bulb is on the shopping list as the colours in all these quick snaps is too muted. That said I am jogging on nicely with these models. Ive spent the last two afternoons building, priming and laying down a couple of thin coats of Game Colour "Gory Red" thinned down 50/50. Now I am blacking in all the areas that will be mettalic and other colours. I like base coating in either grey or white it makes colours like red really vibrant.

 Here is another side project I've had for awhile but never started due to the big move. These two models are the Druid, and Druid Bear form from the game "Super Dungeon Explore" This one I'm not selling once its painted. This is for my kids
This is the tiny work spaceI have at the moment, its ok but not perfect. However I do have plans once we hit the spring to set up a proper "man cave" in the garage. Then I can dig out and start blasting with the airbrush.