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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Forge World Airbrush Paint Release

So I've heard FW are / have released a range of airbrush paints. This is pretty exciting news to me. Always ready to try something new and hopefully ad to my painting arsenal I'm looking forward to giving these a try. However they had better be good. News is these are 18ml pots and they cost £3.75 ish. That's pretty steep when compared to Minitaire or Vallejo. Both have fantastic airbrush paint ranges and I am intrigued to see how the FW paints will compare. But my big issue is the pots.....the paint comes in pots not dropper bottles. Seriously somebody at FW made a big mistake in choosing this type of bottle for airbrush paint. Anyone who's using their airbrush to psint on a regular basis is going to say this is a mistake...a big one. Especially as the competition offers more paint for less money in more convenient to use bottles. 

I also found this video by Spud Tate about this very subject when I started trawling the internet for info on these paints. Spud I think has valid points which I agree on at the moment. But I still want to give them a go at least.
The range of paints do look really good though, I may transfer the ones I try into dropper bottles. But then that starts pushing the price up even more when you can get an easier alternative.

I'm thinking as more info becomes available and painters try them I may re-evaluate my initial thoughts on the product. But those bottles ?