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Saturday, 30 May 2015

X-Wing Collection on ebay

I am putting my X-Wing stuff up for sale, Its a fun game but I'm working so much with my painting and full time job its just sitting not being played. I seem to be really enjoying painting at the moment and will use the money from the sale to buy something fun to paint. Maybe another Knight. The Taranis one featured a few weeks ago has now been sold and I have another one ready to be done. I also have some of those cool new robots to do. But I also have a bit of an itch to do some fantasy models. See what GW do with that in the next few months. Anyway here is the listing for my X-Wing collection.

Huge Star Wars X-Wing Collection for sale. Everything that came with the 2 core sets and the expansion ships is included in this sale. Nothing is missing and everything is in very very good condition. The 3 boxes I used as storage are included in the sale and make transporting and storing the game and all its components very easy.

Ships included are

4 Tie Interceptors from 2 Imperial aces packs
5 Tie Fighters
1 Tie Advanced
1 Lambda Shuttle
2 Fire-sprays (both have very cool repaints, one has a broken off gun but can be fixed as the part is included)
2 Tie Phantoms
1 Tie Defender

2 A-Wings
2 B-Wings
1 E-Wing
2 Y-Wings
4 X-Wings
3 Head hunters (One of which has the end piece of a wing broken off, its included in the contents and a dab of superglue and its fixed. I am happy to do this for you if you request but wanted to make the winning bidder aware of the damage)
1 YT1300, Millennium Falcon (Repainted and given a cool engine glow)
1 GR75 Transport ship

All the extra mission paperwork that came with each expansion is included and unused. Reluctant sale due to time and space.

This would be a great start into the wonderful game of X-Wing. Its a great game for any hobbyist, family or gaming club. 

This item will ship on the monday following the end of bidding as long as payment has been made.