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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Magnetising a Warmachine Warjack, Convergence of Cyriss Heavy Vector.

I am continuing with my journey into Warmachine. I bought a Heavy Vector for $38 and wanted to make the most out of the kit. Im pretty sure there are loads of folks out there that have done the same. Here is how I did it.
 Bear in mind this isn't the fully painted model, thats still very much a w.i.p but above you can see all the parts of the model base coated and with the green accent colours. I used magnets, paperclips and guitar wire to make this model interchangeable. Below you can see I where I added magnets to the back of the model and to the back pack of the Modulator. The cables that leads from the pack to the guns was replaced by guitar wiring, I found the plastic cables pushed the guns out of position on the arms so replaced them with the wire. The arms on the Assimilator and Conservator tended to swing in around on the magnets, so I added the paperclip pins to help stabilise them. they are glued into the arms and I have holes where the pins slot underneath the shoulders. I have no idea how these models work game wise but I'm pleased that I have the option to field each type. It was fun although quite long winded to do this job but I'm pleased with the result.

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