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Monday, 9 March 2015

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight

So Im now onto painting this bad boy and here are some wip shots. I really need to be adventurous and try to repose the next one but Im really happy how this guy is going. The arms are how ever fully posable as is the head. I didn't want to go with a jet black colour so I went with "Coal" black instead and it was then highlighted with German grey. It will be darkened down a bit with the oil wash when it goes on but so far so good. The armour plates are bone to white and I really like the contrast with the dark body. I was going to do purple as my spot colour but went with blue instead. The cover photo on the Eldar codex convinced me this was the way to go.  I will introduce some gold to the model, namely the sword hilt and the shield are brace.

This model has also convinced me to rethink my dropping 40k as a gaming system. Whilst I'm sure Warmachine is a great game, the miniatures to me are just inferior build quality. Maybe I hit a couple bad ones but I really have been put off the game by the models poor sculpts. I will likely paint up the rest of the stuff I bought and sell it. I just loved painting this Wraith knight so much it really makes me want to start another Wraith Themed army. Funds are low so

it will be a slow project, but one I can really take my time with and paint models I really know I enjoy.
I will use the Iyanden codex but I've been thinking for my own army a Yme-Loc colour scheme could look really nice. with warm oranges, cold greys and blue accent colours I think it could look great.

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