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Friday, 6 March 2015

How to Magnetise an Eldar Wraithknight, or how I got on.

 I followed Nicks tutorial pretty much as he suggested and I am very happy with the results, I magantised all the weapon options as well as the various pods to match the two different cannons.
One thing I have learnt for myself is how to match up your guide pins to the holes your going to drill on the corresponding piece. In the above shots you can see I have done as Nick did and added two pins to help hold the torso in place. I was worried however that the holes in the bottom of the torso might not match up with the pins. Solution was to blog a dot of PVA or white glue on the heads of the pins, place the torso on the pins and your left with two spots telling you where you need to drill, paint could work too but the PVA is what I prefer.

 Making sure your polarities are correct is also a must, I use a big stack of magnets like this to make sure both ends are the right way round.

Its all pretty much ready to be painted, I need to do a little drilling in the arms next to the magnets for the various positions but thats literally 5 minutes work at most. I like to airbrush big projects like this and above you can see its all ready to go. Various pieces mounted on cork to make things easier and to prevent cross contamination of colour (over spray).
I am 65% sure its going to be a Black, Bone and Purple colour scheme, so if there are any differing opinions please say now as I plan to start painting in the next day or two.
Once again I have to say thanks to Nick, his tutorial really was excellent and very easy to use. But then its not my 1st use of Nicks conversion ideas. The Cannons on my Eldar Jetbikes was another. I knew I was onto a winner.
IDICBeer The Wonders of Warhammer 40K Heres the link to his channel, well worth a look.