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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight w.i.p. update

Just little update. The models coming along nicely and I have enjoyed building and painting it. Mostly a pleasure with a few fraught moments. The helmet was contaminated with some very minor over spray and the OCD kicked in and instead of leaving it.....I started again with it. In the above pics you can see I have redone the visor and once the varnish has dried properly on it I will mask it off and redo the bone work on the rest of the helm.
As you can see the weaponry is all interchangable  and nearly done. I have some gold painting to do on the swords handle, the shield and some of the joints as well as the trim around the centre gem on the chest. after that he will get some transfers and then a flat coat of varnish all over followed by gloss for the gems. He is supposed to be going on eBay but I'm tempted to keep this one.