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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Airbrushing Eldar, Ulthwe Wraithknight. Completed.

So its done. Im at the stage now where if I do anymore I could do too much. Im really pleased with how he turned out and I will be adding more pictures when I put him up for auction. My wife is far better with a camera than I am and I'm sure she will do him more justice than I can. But there we go 10 days from start to finish or there abouts. I would say about 25 hours of time went into him. Loved the time I spent.  The main transfer were yellow so I painted over the transfer in black to match the scheme. Im not the best free hand artist but it turned out pretty good. He has had a flat coat of varnish with a gloss over the gems. Feel free to drop me a message if your interested in purchasing him but if not he will be going up for auction in a few days.

up next is a Tau Commander commission with a really cool paint scheme that has some lovely spot colours that will make it really pop on the table. Im just waiting for the model to be delivered and its full steam ahead with that project. Really looking forward to it.