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Thursday, 5 March 2015

How to Magnetise an Eldar Wraithknight by IDIC Beer

My next project as I posted previously will be another Wraithknight. Ive magnetised all sorts of models but nothing quite as big as a Wraithknight. I did a quick search on youtube and came across this excellent video by Nick on his channel IDIC Beer. I subscribed to his channel a couple years ago and he really has a great archive of tutorials both hobby related and tactics.
I thought it was a very good video to share with you and I will absolutely be using his technique of magnetising the model. If this is something you have thought about its well worth a look as is his channel. Its excellent.

Still not decided on a paint scheme yet but I've narrowed. Saim-Hann, Iyanden, Biel-Tan or Ulthwe.

My head says Iyanden again, but I think a sweet Ulthwe paint scheme with pearl effect bone and purple gems would look great with its sleek black paint scheme.